Monday, January 2, 2017

African Safari!

Happy New Year! Now that it's 2017, I'm getting around to blogging about our vacation from September 2016, when we spent two weeks in Kenya and (mostly) Tanzania. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I'm still so, so grateful that we were able to go on such a long safari.

We went in setting our expectations low. Nature is unpredictable. But we were blown away. We saw more animals in our few days in Kenya than we imagined we'd see the whole trip. Thus, we have lots and lots of photos and videos. I'm trying to curate, but it's difficult. I'll begin posting this week, aiming to post twice a week for the next couple months. Fingers crossed!

Here are a couple shots from the plane. The first is leaving Nairobi, Kenya.

Flying over the plains.

Landing at one of the airstrips before our stop.

More to come soon!

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